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Binocular Night Vision Goggles

Binocular Night Vision Goggles

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    Binocular night vision device have high performance with clear picture quality, small size, light weight, using 2nd +generation image intensifier with auto-gating technology. The highest resolution can up to 68ip/mm. The highest FOM can up to 1900. And the image intensifier can be replaced quickly through the design about quick disassembly and replacement. Special war Binocular night vision device with structural optimization design, the weight of the whole machine without battery is only 450 g, reduce the head load, Prevent the helmet leaning forward. The helmet can be connected through the helmet support. It can also use with one hand. It has the tum up and power off function.


    It can adapt to various types of helmets and brackets with high quality image, lower weight and special structural design, military and police can conduct operations and train at night in low lever light and complex meteorological condition when wear Special war Binocular night vision device. Observe the target on the military march. Take command when you’ re in position. Effectively improve the ability of the warfighter to operate at night and reaction capacity in a low-light battlefield environment.


    • It has the function of automatic upturning and power off. lt can adapt to various types of helmets and brackets.

    • The uptuming function can programming. Customers can turn it off when diving or parachuting.

    • The whole machine only 480 g, reduce head load and relieve fatigue for user.

    • The lens tubes on both sides can be tumed over 130 independently. It can quickly switch the lens tubes under complex light conditions.

    • Using super 2nd +generation image intensifier wth auto-gating technology. Anti glare and high quality image.

    • No distortion in the picture. It can be worn for a long time.

    • It can be matched with goggles and gas masks in special environments. For example, nuclear pollution environment.

    • External battery can be connected to ensure long-time standby operation. Built in 4 batteries which can sustainable use for 50 hours.

    • With embedded diopter lens. It can be adjusted according to the eyesight of users.

    • Objective lens focal length is adjustable to 25 mm. Greatly enhance the ability of close observation, for example reading maps at night or Field medical.

    • Low power optimization. Automatically enter sleep mode at rest to save power. Wake up automatically when in use.

    • It can be combined with infrared to form a thermal fusion night vision device.


    This item for business and bulk orders only.