Top 3 Types of Military Helmets

Military helmets are crucial components of a soldier's protective gear, offering head protection in various operational environments. Here are the top three types of military helmets.

  • Modular Integrated Communications Helmet(MICH)

    The ACH is a lightweight, ballistic helmet designed to provide enhanced protection without sacrificing comfort. Typically made from advanced aramid fibers like Kevlar or similar materials.

    ● Offers ballistic protection against fragments, handgun rounds, and some rifle rounds.

    ● Designed to accommodate communication equipment, night vision devices, and other accessories.

    ● Includes a suspension system for a secure and comfortable fit.

  • KECLOUD Military MICH Ballistic Helmets

    Advanced Combat Helmet(ACH)

    The MICH helmet is designed to provide modularity and integration with communication systems. Similar materials to the ACH, often using advanced aramid fibers.

    ● Modular design allows for the attachment of accessories such as ear protection, communication devices, and visors.
    ● Provides ballistic protection to the head and offers customization options.
    ● Commonly features a higher cut around the ears for better situational awareness.

  • KECLOUD Military CP CAMO FAST Ballistic Helmets

    FAST Helmet (Future Assault Shell Technology)

    The FAST helmet is designed for special operations forces, emphasizing agility and functionality. Often made from a combination of aramid fibers and lightweight materials.

    ● High cut design for increased mobility and better peripheral vision.
    ● Rails for mounting accessories like night vision devices, lights, and cameras.
    ● Designed to provide ballistic protection while maintaining a lightweight profile.