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Hand held Night Vision Camera

Hand held Night Vision Camera

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    Based on image intensifier with fashionable appearance design and compact structure design. It can be used for observation in some low-light environment. The hand-held Night Vision works on visual way and can be operated easily which different from other night vision. It has two useful functions of High-light protecting and USB charging and YS201 is equipped with a rechargeable battery inside which can keep on working at least 30 hours. By the way, the Hand-held Night Vision with a image magnification of 1.8X that can clearly identify the target far away. In summary, it’s a new night vision product which is compact, fashionable, and stable. It can be widely used in military, outdoor sports, hunting, night patrol and other civil fields.


  • Application

    Militarym Criminal lnvestigation, Safety Monitoring, Search And Rescue, Ship Navigation, Outdoor Sports, Hunting.

  • Features

    Fashionable Appearance : Industrial Design

    High Cost Performance: With the same performance. The price is far lower than products in the same industry.

    Unique auxiliary function: Over-exposure Protecting