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Kecloud Uniform

Military Tactical Leather Puncture-Resistant Jungle Boots

Military Tactical Leather Puncture-Resistant Jungle Boots

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    High quality military and police tactical and jungle durable boots.

    • 100% Leather
    • Lace-up closure
    • Thick vulcanized rubber cleated outsole provides enhanced traction.
    • A proprietary waterproof, breathable membrane that lets vapor out without letting water in.
    • The detachable PU insole has an unique open-hole structure, which allows foot air to flow freely through the insole.
    • The puncture-resistant sole is designed with a classic pattern and is wear-resistant and non-slip.
    • Meeting army boots standards.


    This item for business and bulk orders only.

    • Price refers to FOB ports in China

    • MOQ(Minimum order quantity): 2000 pairs/per type

    • Quantity-based discount available

    • Order process: Your specification and requirements >>> Pricing and contract >>> Samples for you >>> Packing>>> Delivery

    • Lead Time from manufacturers: 1-3 months upon order quantities