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Military Tactical Multifunctional Night Vision Camera

Military Tactical Multifunctional Night Vision Camera

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    A multifunctional night vision camera.

    Adopts the most advanced night vision technology and the brand new optical design patent. The product structure is reliable, exquisite, innovative, and good man-machine adaptability. Work with the second-generation, or the third-generation image intensifier. It's field of view comes up to 50, greatly expanding visible range.


    Can be equipped with three kinds of magnification, that is 1x, 4x and 6x with economical price. lt's performance could meet the requirements of both military and civil applications.


    Can be used in many different conditions: military operationm walking, driving, observing, searching or night work. The compact, modular physical design and superior performance remain comfortable and flexible for a long time using. Right choice for border defense, security, customs, public security.


    • 50° filed of view, magnification 1x.
    • Second-generation or high-performance image intensifier are available on request.
    • Delicate structure and low weight.
    • Head-mounted or hand-held.
    • Convenient to assemble and unassemble on the mask, and can be turn over the head. It has automatic shutdown function.
    • Mask can be folded.
    • The in-built infrared power supply has a switch indicator at the left lens.
    • The abschaltfunction of high-brightness to protect the image intensifier.
    • Use AA batteries, 1.5V or 3.6V.
    • Longtime usage.
    • With low voltage indicator.
    • Hamlet, gas mask.
    • Waterproof.
    • In order to meet the requirements of close to distance observation, 4 or 6 magnification are available.


    This item for business and bulk orders only.